Nursery Bookcase Re-Purpose


Hi again! I cannot believe that in twelve weeks, my first kiddo will be here. Time is flying by! We start our six weeks of hospital classes tonight and I’m very excited! In my last post, I talked about how I wanted to do a weekly craft project. I accomplished it with a little a lot of help from my husband. Now my first project of the year didn’t have a lot of steps, but it was on my to do list. One of the downfalls to our home is the lack of storage. I found this project on Pinterest and finally knew what I was going to do with that old bookcase I’ve had since high school. Not only would it bring new life to my bookshelf but it would have a great purpose! Here’s a link to where I found the project:

This is the before picture of my bookcase. I had already removed most of the clutter off of it and the top two shelves before I thought to take a picture.                                         Bookshelf before


And here is the after!

bookshelf remodel

As you can see, we are going to use it as a mini closet for the baby. The remodel cost us about $44 dollars. (It was roughly $9 for the closet pole, $10 for the mounting brackets and $25 for the two baskets.) It has two closet poles for hanging, the first shelf will eventually be used for bedding and towels and the bottom shelf has the two baskets for covered storage. The first thing we did was checked how high the first pole could go in the bookshelf. We wanted it as high as possible, but to still be able to hang clothes from a hanger. Once we figured out a good height for it (for us, it was an 1 1/4 from the top of the bookcase to the top of the hardware) we lightly marked it on the side. This is where the hubby’s skills came in handy. He installed all the hardware for me. After installing the first set of hardware, I measured the width for the closet pole and marked the 8′ pole we had to size. The width on my bookshelf was only 28 1/4″ so the one closet pole could be cut into two (with plenty of extra). The second pole we measured to be roughly half way down from the top to the top of the first shelf. I didn’t need to move the middle shelf to fit the baskets underneath. And that’s it! It took us about thirty minutes to do and I am completely happy with it!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


P.s. Please remember that if you have one of these bookshelfs, to anchor it to the wall. The bookshelf can easily be pulled down by little ones.