Baby It’s Cold Outside


Hey there! Can I start of by saying BRRRR! It’s currently -21F where I live and with the windchill it feels like -48F. My poor pups go outside for five minutes and come in with ice beards. Even their Northern genes can’t hold up to how cold it is!¬†School was canceled in my state which gave me an extra day off! I’ve been hard at work in the home going through our laundry/storage room the past two days. I have a mass amount of storage totes that hold stuff from 5+ years ago. I decided before the baby comes, I’m going to go through and organize all of them. I’ll upload a photo of all the totes I’ve had in my final post about it with a picture of how many totes I emptied. I am super happy with how much I’ve already gotten rid of!¬†

Hope everyone is staying warm today!